Tangkuban Perahu

Tangkuban Perahu is located at an altitude of 2084 meters above sea level and is located 30 km north of the city Bandung.Tangkuban row boat offers natural charm with beauty. Uniqueness of Tangkuban perahu making it a mainstay of the local revenue. 
Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of the still active volcano on the island jawa.Sometimes this mountain has erupted, took out his bowels resulting in nine craters are scattered in various places on the mountain top.

Ciater Hot Spring 

Ciater or better known as Sari Ater is located 8 kilometers from the tourist attractions of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Ciater a hot spring pool in Bandung. Ciater hot water is one of a very suitable place for entertainment and relaxation off all the fatigue of the daily routine. Ciater located in Lembang area, where the famous lush and beautiful. The water in this Ciater containing iodine and sulfur, which is good for healing skin diseases and rheumatism. Other facilities offered by Ciater Hot Spring is a tennis court, restaurants, and camping area that is safe and fascinating.

Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market Lembang is a new tourist spot market buoyant mood. This place could be an option holiday weekend.


Maribaya tourist attraction located 4 km to the southeast Lembang. Maribaya is a hot tourist spot. Maribaya visitors usually very crowded on holidays or weekends. In addition to a hot water bath, Maribaya also offers a panoramic view of the other, which is a pretty big waterfall. Omas waterfall, with a height of approximately 30 meters seems to also be one of the main attraction to visit there. To enjoy more waterfall near the bridge there are 2 observers who were near the waterfall. For those of you who like hiking, waterfall Omas is one vehicle that suits you. The air is cool, comfortable place is perfect for your weekend destination.

Situ Lembang 

Situ Lembang is a lake located in Lembang - Bandung north. Which dominated the surrounding pine trees. Situ Lembang another alternative for those who want to enjoy a short break with family or your holiday weekend. In order to more easily explore Situ Lembang, in this location there are also information boards. Large parking area, so do not be afraid of running out of space.

That some of the tourist attractions in Bandung.
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